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Why The Skinny?
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What does "The Skinny On..." guide book have that I can't get elsewhere?

(1) Recommendations.  Traditional (ahem, more corpulent) guide books tend to focus on providing a lot of INFORMATION -- everything there is to know about everything there is to do.  Skinny Guides focus on SUGGESTIONS.   Okay, okay, so that tourist attraction opens at 9 and costs $9.00.  But what you probably want to know is -- is it really worth my time???
(2) Priorities. Only The Skinny On... helps you narrow down the choices. If you're pressed for time, or you'd just rather not waste time, the Skinny can help you capture what's best about the place you're visiting, efficiently.

(3) Compact and concise. The Skinny On... gets to the point.

(4) The Skinny On.... accepts NO advertising.

(5) A local's point of view. Most guidebooks take the point of view of the tourist. Even when they narrow down "top 10" or "best of" -- it's still usually with the tourist in mind. The Skinny On... guide shares with you the city as the locals want you to see it.  

(6) A well thought-out itinerary. You won't jump from one side of town to another, simply because you didn't know how best to plan your day. You get to see more, with less work.

(7) Real finds. Sure, you can find the "latest and the greatest" by reading through well-known websites and travel/food blogs. But Skinny Guides will point you toward "tried and true" places locals know and love -- iconic places you won't find elsewhere.  
(8) Personal. It really IS like having a best friend in town to show you around.

(9) The truth. Ever notice how "polite" other travel resources are? They only say nice things about local restaurants and tourist attractions, or they don't say anything at all. Well, The Skinny On... will certainly break that mold! The Skinny On... includes "Things You Can Skip." Now THAT's useful!

(10) No regrets! Sure, you may visit a town and have a perfectly nice time, by reading other guidebooks and seeing all the tourist sites. But what if you found out, later, that you missed something really special? And you had no idea! With The Skinny, you never take that risk. Even locals are impressed (and love to give out to their friends) Skinny Guides!